Fast Hong Kong Company Incorporation via Express Service

Do you need to setup a Hong Kong limited company fast and you are not even in Hong Kong? Jumpstart can do it – your company can be setup in just 1 business day.

A few years back, all you can do to have a Hong Kong limited company fast is to buy a shelf company. […]

Registering a Company Involves More Than Just Registering

When you have lots of other problems besides registering your new business in Hong Kong and you find yourself unable to cope, it’s time you tried a different approach. At Jumpstart we try our best in rendering assistance to new business start-ups which is completely different from simply supplying already built, furnished and equipped office […]

Centralization Enhances Your Chances of Success

To be located centrally in the very hub of business activity where everything is happening is crucial to your success and at Jumpstart we are continually on the lookout for the opportunity of rendering assistance to entrepreneurs who have dreamed of setting up a business in the Orient. Our business centres in Hong Kong and […]

Knowing the Oriental Business Environment is Key

Establishing a branch for your business in one of Asia’s financial hubs is a prospect that many growing businesses in the west look forward to. And with good reason since the markets in east Asia are the most dynamic and progressive in the world. But like everything good and attractive, there’s always a basic catch […]

First Things First at Jumpstart

The first prerequisite for setting up a business in Hong Kong and anywhere else for that matter is getting your company registered under law. This is one area that we specialize in at Jumpstart and many companies have successfully been registered with our assistance. Registering a company in Hong Kong is not easy and can […]

Forming a Company in Hong Kong is Not Easy

The need to form a company is also a mandatory process that is accompanied by its own legal requirements. For the most part the work is difficult for new company owners or operators to accomplish by themselves especially in a strange country. To the newcomer, everything is a departure from the norm, a familiar environment, […]