But Why Should Your Choose a Jumpstart Office?

Many foreign entrepreneurs ask this very interesting question and we as always we provide the right answers for them which are always correct, current and helpful. At Jumpstart we know why our offices should be the first preference by a long shot not only because we think we are the best, but because we know […]

Flexible Office Space

Flexible office space is a hot topic in the office market these days. But what is flexible office space? Technically, office this is flexible in terms of lease length, size and configuration, it is considered flexible workspace. This is because a conventionally office usually have long lease, the office unit, hence size of the office, […]

Short term office leasing

There are many reasons why one company needs a short term office. On the positive side, one might be: starting off a new project and the project last for a few months only; in a state of rapid growth so you don’t know how big an office you will need in 6 or 12 months […]

Strategically Placed Offices for Reaping the Best Rewards

At Jumpstart we are extremely pleased at the way we’ve placed ourselves in the most advantageous position in Shanghai. We have managed to be located in the most conspicuous and spacious locations in the city. Our central locations place us exactly where the flow of human traffic and products converge and our doors are never […]

A Systematic and Realistic Use of Hong Kong Office Space

Having space available to use especially in our business centre is very important and every attempt must be made to ensure that space is used properly and effectively. At Jumpstart this is one of our priorities to make sure that available space is used as wisely as possible. Each location is studied to determine business […]