Although invisible to the naked eye the Jumpstart group of business centres in Asia dovetail perfectly into one another by reason of their internet connections and by the fact that they are part and parcel of the same company. This dovetailing posture facilitates ease of communication between the centres that house similar offices such as the serviced and virtual offices, the meeting rooms along with their particular qualities that make them the envy of companies that compete in this real estate niche.

A sensible approach to expansion

One of the most important attributes that a company must have as an entity is that of planning ahead to ensure that resources match any intentions of expanding outwards. Without planning any expansion becomes an ad hoc and haphazard affair that can spell the total ruination of a company. This, Jumpstart has succeeded in doing and because of it has grown from a single centre in Hong Kong to many centres across the landscape of Asia. The historical expansion started with the establishment of a business centre in Shanghai marking the first expansion phase into China.

Ideal incentives to attract business clients

It is not easy to attract customers in the face of tough competition but at Jumpstart we have managed to get in front and stay there by the simple method of maintain the level of our services at a consistent level. This outlook sends a very reassuring signal to our clients at all our centres to that they are never disappointed and will always come back to us for more dependable service. For monitoring the market situation especially for trends and demand, constant communication is used between the Hong Kong and Shanghai business centres to endure uniformity of strategy and action.

Preference for Hong Kong business centres

There is a growing demand for all levels of offices and meeting rooms provided by Jumpstart by small businesses. This is understandable in the light of the universal practice of businesses, especially small start-up businesses to confine their expenses to the lowest level possible or at least by reducing them to acceptable levels. One of the main costs experienced by small business is in the exorbitant leasing charges building owners often charge entrepreneurs for use of their premises. This has swollen the expenses of small businesses and naturally they have gravitated towards Jumpstart offices to lower costs. You are invited to do the same.

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