If you’ve ever visited Hong Kong you’d agree that the above description is not only correct but it would be thrill to experience. The island’s topography and landscape are mesmerising during the day. At night the skyline comes to life with vivid and enchanting colours that make you feel you are floating among the stars. At Jumpstart we continuously experience this panorama of unique displays of bright colours. It’s an oriental paradise where our business centres in Hong Kong are located.

Ideal Business Centre Locations for your business growth

Having business centres that are strategically located in Hong Kong is the right approach if you are targeting high sales and profits for your business. This is precisely the reason why our 7 business centres are located where all the action is. They are placed directly in the path of human and material confluences which is the hallmark of any strategy that seeks to tap the riches brought about by this active interaction of people and material products. You’d want to have a presence here!

Conspicuous and inviting to in streaming customers

We deliberately chose the most modern and conspicuous buildings, with the perfect locations for business and pleasure, as ideal spots for our business centres. This strategy not only impacts our business but will brush off on the very success of your business venture as well. Our Yen Shen Centre in the city of Kwun Tong has proven to be highly economic and ideally located along the city’s railway station and the Hoi Yuen Road. These channel human and commodity traffic to the centre.

A Silver Lining across the Hong Kong Skyline

A truly impressive building, our business centre within the walls of the Silvercord in Tsim Sha Tsui blends in with the famous reputation of this building which is known not only in China but also on the international scene. It is perfectly situated on Canton Road another widely known landmark which can drive your corporate image upward into the skies. The site is alluring and combines both business and pleasure for those wishing to establish themselves in this enticing business enclave.

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