Having space available to use especially in our business centre is very important and every attempt must be made to ensure that space is used properly and effectively. At Jumpstart this is one of our priorities to make sure that available space is used as wisely as possible. Each location is studied to determine business office needs, customer preferences and demand patterns on which to base well informed decisions. This kind of approach will ensure that office space is always available for clients like you.

More space may be needed

Like every commercial undertaking, office accommodation can be highly volatile and may change suddenly with changing demand or preference for products and services. There is always the need to cope with such changes one way or another. At Jumpstart for instance demand has changed to such an extent that we’ve had to provide extra space for the placement of a manager to manage and coordinate our serviced office operations hence the introduction of our bigger office suites.

Coping at the front desk reception area is critical

One of the most important sections of our virtual offices and serviced offices is the front reception desk that caters for the needs of visitors who have booked their event. These people need friendly and efficient service when they first step into our offices. Extension, expansion and other space creating moves may be necessary in the future judging from the present intake of visitors. Other accommodating moves can also be studied like more efficient tech equipment that can lessen the load.

Meeting rooms must be large enough

This is one area which needs attention because the number of participants at a meeting can change very quickly from the actual bookings to the start of the meeting itself. The manager in charge may decide to allow more people in the same space available. This needs an on the spot presence to ensure that space in the meeting room is sufficient to accommodate all the participants who wish to attend the meeting. The realignment of tables and chairs may be needed to make more space but more drastic measures such as enlarging the meeting rooms may be necessary.

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