For a company to enjoy the trust of its clients, it needs to establish an impeccable reputation of being a reliable provider of the best office space in the business area or district. At Jumpstart, we know the importance of a good reputation and we strive hard to nurture, maintain and improve our reputation. We have been providing all types of office accommodation to clients in Hong Kong over many years and our reputation as being the best provider of office space remains unchallenged and untarnished. Requests from corporations keep streaming in but we always live up to our standards.

Strategic location is of paramount importance

Like all our other business centres in different parts of the world, our offices in Hong Kong are especially located with proximity to direct transport in mind. Transportation means a steady stream of people and goods to a particular destination on the island. As usual, our planners ascertained where the constant stream would converge and decided on building our business centres at the most centralized spot relative to the low of people and commodities. Hence you find our 7 Hong Kong business centres built at different sites where people and goods intermingle.

What else attracts clients to our business centres?

Our planners did not sit on their laurels after making sure our business centres were located at the most convenient centralized spot. They also thought about the tastes and preferences of clients in regards to colour, furnishing, room size, facilities and amenities. Countless exercises on information gathering were mounted and the information sifted and syphoned to get the best results. We spared no quarter on quality as we knew this was the primary aspect that would win the hearts o our clients despite their varying preferences. The results have been satisfying and rewarding for both.

The most commonly asked question

Inevitably, questions will be asked about the quality and quantity of services that we provide and indeed we have often been asked quite a few of them. There is however, one nagging question that insists on wanting to know why, of all other similar providers Jumpstart should be preferred. Our answer to this is our impeccable track record of providing the best, most updated and reliable offices in Asia not to mention our other sites. We not only say it but we back it up with the kind of offices that are hard to resist once you take a tour of what we have to offer.

Contact us

We believe our business centres in Hong Kong house the best office floor space that the market can offer and if you want to own a piece of this real estate, ring us now on +852 2961 4888 for a free quote so you can experience the best.