Business centres are buildings that rent individual office spaces with certain amenities and utilities included for the same price with incredibly flexible lease contracts for periods of time as short as you need them.

Business centres are incredibly popular in the United Kingdom, Australia and China, where business by foreigners is welcome and praised. The constant demand for office spaces by foreign business owners is exactly what made business centres so popular and placed them so high in demand around the world.

With the decline of the economic situation, small businesses in particular and start-up business owners have a need to come up with cost-effective solutions for their businesses that will allow them to continue to grow and develop while receiving more income than spending it.

Business centers provide businesses of all sizes with a flexible environment to have physical premises, professional services, such as receptionist and telecommunication services, all at an affordable and flexible rate. Many business centers offer office spaces of different sizes and with a variety of different services that you can choose to use or not use – only paying for what you use. This provides business owners with opportunities to work from professional premises and have a professional image without having to go over a budget and optimizing a professional image.

Just to give you a quick idea of some of the qualities and features business centres offer in each and every one of their office spaces, here are some of the general services offered in most business centres:

– Utilities Included (Electricity, phone, internet, water, etc)
– Receptionists
– Mail Delivery and Receipt
– Administrative Staff
– Light Refreshments (Water, tea and coffee)
– Parking Space
– Full Security Systems
– Furnished Offices
– Essential IT Equipment
– Meeting and Presentation Rooms Available

These are just some of the perks that come with office spaces at business centres like Jumpstart Offices. All of these features are available at business centres without the tie of a long lease contract that you may not be able to fulfil or afford.

Business Centres are a great opportunity for business owners of all industries to have a physical location to meet with clients and employees in a professional environment without business owners committing to a long lease contract or high lease prices.