Setting your very own business office from scratch can be a very challenging and troubling task. There are a lot of things to consider from finding a decent place to hiring fairly competent staff. Thankfully, there is another option for you to have a decent if not high end office with Jumpstart. Jumpstart offers serviced offices in prime locations in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Not only are the locations accessible but the serviced offices are also located in central business districts – adding more points to your business’ credibility.

With Jumpstart serviced offices, you will never have to worry about sourcing people and materials. Jumpstart provides the comfort of having your very own office without all the hassle of building and developing one.

For one, Jumpstart has several well trained and qualified personnel who serve as your office staff and secretaries. These people can provide various services like answering phone calls and receiving and guiding clients and guests among others. They can coordinate for whatever office supplies you may need and contact reliable and price worthy suppliers. Qualified IT personnel are also able to assist you in any technical problem that you may be encountering – whether in data systems or your hardware devices. The usual leaves and absences will also no longer be a problem with serviced offices as Jumpstart staff who do so are immediately replaced with equally competent staff.

Another advantage of availing of serviced offices from Jumpstart is that they are relatively start-up capital free. Compared to the hefty security deposit, purchase of office furniture, office facilities like fax machines, photocopying machines and other whatnots, renting a serviced office is comparably cost effective. Lease agreements for offices also run quite long from a good five to ten years depending on the contract whereas lease agreements for serviced offices are more flexible. This can add up to the already huge start-up capital that you would have to come up with. Aside from this, there are also recurring fees such as operating expenses, renovation and repair costs and other fees. The most notable monthly recurring fee is one of the most important things an office needs – telecommunication and internet connection. Without these two, business transactions and deals will surely cease. Jumpstart sees the importance of telecommunication and internet connection and has made it inclusive in your monthly service fee for a very reasonable amount.