To be located centrally in the very hub of business activity where everything is happening is crucial to your success and at Jumpstart we are continually on the lookout for the opportunity of rendering assistance to entrepreneurs who have dreamed of setting up a business in the Orient. Our business centres in Hong Kong and Shanghai offer the best avenue for realizing these aspirations and we can offer them at very short notice. Their centralized location in the midst of clattering shoes, tooting car horns and the general din of shouts and talk allude to vitality and dynamic progress.

Having reservations for taking the plunge is harmful

The scene offered by our Hong Kong business centres is a dynamic panorama you wouldn’t want to miss out on but perhaps you may have some reservations. If you do, we fully understand but we urge you to surge forward and realize your dream. Perhaps registering you start up branch or private company is an issue you cannot solve. You may want to purchase building that’s going to cost you plenty. The language may be a barrier and you may be worried about the business behaviour and approach of your counterpart Asian businessmen. You may not want to take the plunge and do it.

The perfect panacea for eliminating your problems

Despite the fact that what you are imagining is totally true and can present a formidable wall to stop your progress, know that we are already on the ground ready to help. You can eliminate all of your difficulties by accepting our invitation of providing the most congenial site for your business. In addition, we can also provide you with the best, fully furnished and impeccably equipped rooms in the Orient. We have been at this game for a long time and we know what is at stake for you and we can provide you with the most effective solution you can only wish you’d been given anywhere else.

The excellence of services

We pride ourselves in being able to tout our brand as the best business accommodation provider in this part of the world. Yes we are proud of our achievements and we also have an offering of the best services anywhere. The most conspicuous aspect about the service we offer our clients is the professionalism that our front counter staff members provides to our customers with unflinching attention and dedication. Their manner and demeanour when dealing with clients are qualities to be emulated and we are proud of their dedicated service.

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