A responsible attitude is a virtue that’s widely practiced by peoples of the Orient. Children are taught from an early age to perform their every task with commitment and dedication. It’s one of the reasons why business takes first place in many countries of the Orient. With business, as in everything else, complete dedication and commitment is the norm and this may well be why the Chinese are very adept at succeeding in business venture. At Jumpstart we take every opportunity to emulate these fine qualities in our business approach and we have profited greatly for it.

Finding a solution for charging customers

Many business centres are notorious in the way they charge their customers for using their floor space for their business. This may be a reasonable way of operating for many businesses but being innovative, we have conjured up a better more streamlined method of charging our clients. Our financial experts believe that charging ad hoc for separate services can prove to be a costly burden on customers. Just think of the amount of paper work that ensues from separate charges for electricity, water, space rental and many others?

A new charging approach is warranted

After a long period of observing how other businesses charge their customers for services rendered, it came to light that they may perhaps be doing it the wrong way. And being innovative as usual, we came up with what is now the perfect solution for lessening the financial burden we place on our customers. We are now using an all-inclusive, across the board charge rate that reflects a comprehensive and fair charge for the use of our products and services. This again is a major departure from normal business practices but it has worked and is reaping us rewards.

The magical all-inclusive approach

This innovative idea has paid dividends for our company and we know that other businesses will no doubt follow suit in the near future. There’s plenty going for this charging method and one of them is the elimination of the different charged amounts every time you receive your monthly bill. Yes, that’s right, the amounts that you’re charged with on the due date are always different. There are pits and pieces added on almost every time you get the bill. This definitely doesn’t happen with our all-inclusive billing method and by all-inclusive means each charge is the same every month!

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