To tout an undisputed reputation of being the very best provider of office accommodation in Hong Kong, Jumpstart needs to be recognized as one such provider. One way of making sure we actually make the grade lies in the excellence and variety of our facilities and amenities that we provide. All our business centres are endowed with the very best facilities and services that have satisfied clients from all over the world. The fact that clients still continue to opt for our offices bears a fitting tribute to the incomparable services that we provide them.

IT office facilities

All our business centres offer world class internet connections configured from a core network infrastructure based on the Cisco brand of excellence in IT communication. The connection that this system provides is unmatched and so reliable, we have continued to use it despite the availability of other internet brands. The connection it offers is fast and efficient that caters for the needs of individual workers resulting in maximum efficiency and ease of contact to both local and overseas contacts and clients. The internet connections we offer are indisputably unmatched.

Areas for work and relaxation

The common areas found in all our business centres offer both a relaxing environment as well as a place to engage in compiling documents produced during meetings. All our common areas are open 24 hours a day and clients have secured access to the facilities and amenities they offer. You can relax in the open lounge area as you casually discuss business issues in a relaxed and enjoyable manner. Everything found in these quiet areas of our business centres caters for customer needs for the provision of refreshments, security and work.

Facilities set aside for meetings

Nothing compares with the impressive features that exist within our meeting rooms. One very important facility is a network for video conferencing that’s ideal for presentations by different speakers. To facilitate ease of referencing, we can even arrange for interpreters to attend the meetings whenever needed. For fast and easy communication even during conferencing, our IT specialists have even installed wifi and wired internet connections for immediate and easy access to any point of contact. Coffee and tea are available and so are hearing and writing aids.

Contact us

We can offer you the best facilities and amenities for boosting your business. Just ring us now on +852 2961 4888 for our free quote so we can start making arrangements for meeting your needs.