A diversity of world class facilities are offered at each of Jumpstart’s business centres, inclusive of the centre located in Hong Kong. Here, you will be treated to a panorama of exquisitely built and furnished virtual and serviced offices, meeting rooms and even company formation. You gain a first-hand view of Jumpstart’s latest innovation – the neo suites. Each of these offices and services can provide you with the very solution you are seeking for your business.


Jumpstart is well embedded within the business environment of Hong Kong. It owns and operates 7 business centres providing an array of world class virtual and serviced offices, meeting rooms and neo suites. At Langham Place, Crawford House and Yen Sheng Centre, house the equally versatile, immaculately designed and well-equipped virtual offices. Needless to say, each of the centres offer the most competitive of prices found anywhere in the world.

Serviced offices

Jumpstart’s serviced offices are impeccably self-contained and efficient. They are of world-class standing and the company is well known as one of the best serviced office providers in Asia. Clients from all around the world, who own and operate different types of industries and sizes avail themselves of the serviced offices that Jumpstart provides. Demand for serviced offices, have escalated since the introduction of neo suites, specially created to serve provide more spacious and self-contained office space.

Virtual offices

If you are thinking of renting office space that can provide you with a low-cost solution for your business, or you are trying to find an ideal site for a branch of your main business, then acquiring a Jumpstart virtual office is the step in the right direction. Everything is done for you. The office is already available, it is staffed with professional workers and services are fast, simple and sustainable. You are immediately provided with a physical address at any of the world class business centres in Hong Kong. Nothing but the latest in IT tech equipment is used to provide safe and easy communication services. It is exactly the solution you crave for and you shouldn’t hesitate in getting a virtual office.

Meeting rooms

These are specially set apart and furnished to cater for the needs of people who need office space for meeting purposes. As with the virtual offices, nothing but the latest technology is used, but in this case, it is used for video conferencing.

Business registration

Very few companies think of providing assistance in processing client registration but Jumpstart is one jump ahead in dealing with this very mundane, tiring but critical aspect of company operations. Jumpstart can also help you register your company faster so you can start making profits earlier.

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