To have reached the top echelons of the business world in Hong Kong is tantamount to winning the full respects of the business community on this wonderland of islands. Jumpstart has certainly accomplished much with a total of ten business centres studding the topmost business areas on the island. The business centres are strategically placed at the greatest convergence of human traffic made focal by the intersecting paths of road and rail transport not to mention air travellers. All the locations pulsate with business activity and related commotion.

Commitment and originality are unbeatable

Without commitment and visionary direction in a business hub that is Hong Kong, any operator would become lost in a very short time. Staunch commitment guards against the pressure of intense competition, enervating negotiations, pricing arrangements, tedious discussions and domestic issues. At Jumpstart, we’ve had our share of disturbances that disrupted progress but we have a commitment that is innovative, resilient and lasting. We deeply admire originality and that’s why all our business centres are individually original. Each business centre throbs with energy and verve.

A unique understanding and approach to start-up strategy

From where does this unique resonance that embellishes Jumpstart’s business centres come from? The answer is not far to find. At Jumpstart there is a deep seated understanding of what its mission is. Because it deals in providing high end office accommodation to other businesses, it recognizes that it must offer the very best of offices to aspiring start-up businesses. For this it has to be a leader in the field. This is why its operations are encompassed by the very best of business centres. That’s why its serviced offices, virtual offices, conferencing rooms, registration services are the best.

A solid foundation and strong purpose

For any organization to allude to strong purpose it must have a strong foundation and this can only be achieved via experience and dedicated service that goes with it. Experience provides the knowledge and know-how, but dedication in doing the job transforms that knowledge into latent action. Yet again, action can only be fruitful and meaningful if there are dedicated professionals with a strong purpose to translate experience and dedication into outcomes. With more than 10 years of dedicated service provider, Jumpstart can honestly boast the presence of all these qualities.

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