Our office accommodation in Hong Kong strives to maintain the good reputations that Jumpstart achieved over the years there. The offices are fully furnished and you don’t need to worry about hiring staff. They are all part of the deal and are there to perform every single aspect of the job that need to be done. You similarly don’t have to worry about the smaller details that need attending to like supplies for your pantry, your stationary and perhaps more important, your internet connection. You simply move in and immediately go into business mode.

The very ambience of a prized jewel

Believe it or not the truth is that its’s quite difficult to describe precisely what the interior part of our offices look like. The design, hue and symmetrical arrangements ae so pleasing thy can only be compared to the most valuable and luxurious items such as jewellery. The moment you step in our centre in the Wheelock House Central, you are met with this kind of superior scenery which becomes embedded in the memory never to be erased. We take pride in being the owners of such beauty and elegance and we would like to share the excitement with you.

All facilities and systems kept highly tuned

The most important task that we perform to all our facilities and equipment is that of keeping them in top operating mode. This requires constant monitoring along with relate repair and maintenance work to keep them in excellent condition. For instance our Cisco networking infrastructure at this centre has had to be upgraded for maximum efficiency along with the whole floor for ultimate strength and comfort to users. IP phones have been installed for instant communications, new furniture moved into place in our new Neo Suites and new equipment installed for video conferencing.

New addition to infrastructure

There is never a dull moment at our business centres where satisfying the needs of customers go hand in hand with new additions to office facilities and equipment. We have decided to enlarge the work space and productive capacity of our tenants by installing Neo Suites as part of our office infrastructure. These new offices enable companies to achieve higher returns from greater levels of productivity which means a far larger work space, more equipment more generating capacity and greater output. It’s a change that will greatly benefit your business.

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Owning a truly modern and efficient office in one of our business centres will skyrocket the productive performance of your business. Ring us now on +852 2961 4888 and experience a whole new level of operating your business.