Among other known qualities that promote business progress and development is the ability to innovate. An innovating approach connotes experimenting and trying out new approaches, techniques, ideas that relate to your service or product. At Jumpstart we deeply respect the innovative resilience of our leaders and executives who run our business centres. They are the very mainstay of each centre and over the years, we’ve come to recognize the way they use innovative creativity and ideas to make the firm a better product and service provider.

At Jumpstart innovation is apparent everywhere

When one studies the business centres closely one would immediately come face to face with craftsmanship of the highest order. With innovation, we craft onto already existing and superb buildings our own expertise, tastes and preferences. We add excellence to what is already perfect, we add impeccable furnishings, perfectly functioning equipment, world class internet communications, new Neo Suites, rooms that blend perfectly with surrounding colours and tones. To enter into a Jumpstart business centre is to experience a hushed and highly pleasant world.

Perfect solution pronounced staff hierarchy

When you are caught within the Oriental business current, you have no option but to stay fully functional at every level of your operations. This means that at some stage, you need to stretch accommodating capability to the limit and beyond. This was our experience and we don’t want you to get caught in the same quagmire. That’s why we’ve built a perfect solution for increasing your staffing needs. Even if you have or need a deep hierarchy of staffing positions, our Neo Suites can take care of both the head or manager and the staff he needs for operating his office efficiently.

Ideal for an expansionist approach

The Neo Suites represented a product innovation that had efficiency and a spacious working environment in mind. It was not built exclusively for the boss himself but also for his indispensable assisting staff plus extra space for the stationary and operating equipment. The concept is new as it breaks away from traditionally accepted ideas of what a serviced office should be and it introduces the concept of sharing resources among staff members from top to bottom. The idea is simple but it has a profound effect on productivity and efficiency for Jumpstart.

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