Jumpstart has become the top business centre provider not only in Shanghai but in all its other business centres. This incredible feat has elevated the company to new heights of popularity and confidence that will make it strive to achieve even more in the future. How has Jumpstart managed it? The company has performed very well in Shanghai and at its other centres because of careful management, productivity increase, customer satisfaction and ultimately, profitability that will ensure further expansion in the future from its current 3 centres.

The Wheelock success story

The opening of the Wheelock Square business centre marks Jumpstart’s spectacular expansion into mainland China, a feat that only a few foreign companies have managed to achieve. The centre, towers over other surrounding buildings reaching an impressive height of 270 meters. The business centre is located smack in the middle of town and that’s where you will be if you opt for a virtual or serviced office. You would be in the centre of a bustling, booming business region where the norm will be just raking in the profits. Even with Christmas just around the corner you can still do it.

The L’Avenue business centre

This business centre is another success story of its own right having won a prestigious award for being the office with the best interior design directly from the International property Awards. It is also the biggest Jumpstart centre to date and as such can see to the needs of many more clients who have impeccable taste in top class office accommodation, spacious conference rooms, fully furnished meeting rooms, large break or relaxing areas plus a seminar room. It’s everything that clients, including yourself, would be delighted to experience and it’s all yours for the taking.

The Central Plaza Centre attraction

This business centre is Jumpstart’s irresistible magnet that draws many foreign owned companies to its spacious and impeccably designed virtual and serviced offices, not to mention a steady stream of clients stopping by the meeting rooms to hold meetings, conferences, seminars and training sessions. The facilities have no match anywhere especially its IT system that provides fast and very reliable internet connections for local and overseas communications. Its other excellent features are just too many to enumerate here but suffice it to say that they live up to Jumpstart’s usual impeccable taste for elegance and efficiency.

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