Establishing a presence in the business environment of Shanghai is an achievement worth striving for. Rewards are bountiful and risks are manageable due to strict observance of business practice. Add this to the availability of impeccable virtual offices in some of the finest and celebrated buildings in Shanghai and you’ve got it all sown up. Virtual offices because they are the ideal solution for starting quickly even without your own presence in the office. All you need is to do is to contact the providers like us at Jumpstart and your ambitions will be fulfilled.

A strong company presence is another solution

We have excellent facilities in the 3 business centres in Shanghai, each with its own unique features and characteristics. However having these centres available to accommodate our virtual and serviced offices, meeting rooms, more spacious office suites and other offices are not enough in themselves The offices must blend in with the high standard depicted by the business centres. They must be fully furnished, provide unmatched services and comfort. As expected our offices at our centres in Shanghai live up to these expectations.

The outside scenery is part of the deal

At Jumpstart we are extremely careful about the subject of outside scenery. We know that a full day at the office without any change of scenery can create monotony and boredom. It’s true our offices are world class so the scenery outside must complement the excellence found within. That’s the reason why we pick sites with views of local architecture, spectacular landscape viewing and other attractions to overcome any depressed feelings. We are within walking distance to the main restaurants and bars, everything you need.

Commuting can be very unpleasant and tiresome

Travelling to and from work especially during a full working day can and do overcome many workers who find themselves too tired to walk some distance to the train, taxi or bus stands. We know that this can be very troublesome and our proactive efforts have paid off by being close to or right above subway stations. For those who travel by personal transport have all the relaxed comfort of high speed roads that run next to our Shanghai business centres. You don’t need to dread the end of the day at the office.

Contact us

We can provide you with exactly the type of office you need for boosting your business with an agreeable front view. Ring us now on (8621) 6157-5157 for a free quote or send us an email at [email protected] to get one.