Doing business in Shanghai has been a successful venture for Jumpstart and we would like to share our good fortune with you. We’d welcome the opportunity of helping you set up your business in one of our 3 business centres that we have established in Shanghai. We will help you with all the experience and expertise we’ve amassed during our business voyage in this incredible oriental business wonderland. We know the customs, business etiquette, pace, laws and negotiating procedures that are at the crux of success in Shanghai.

Business centres with impeccable features

Our business centres are unlike any other here in Shanghai or anywhere else. They’ve been established with much thought and deliberation as to where they’d be built, the type of offices, rooms, furnishings, décor, equipment and amenities. The minutest details were calculated and implemented to offer clients the most appropriate and efficient office they can ever have in Shanghai or anywhere for that matter. They have been built by the best of Shanghai architectural firms with just the right type of business amenities to ensure success in Shanghai.

What is your specific need?

Businesses are not all similar and being so, their needs are also different. At Jumpstart, we are very familiar with these differences and the need to customize our offices to suit different businesses that have particular needs and preferences. This is exactly what we provide in our business centres in Shanghai. Our serviced offices are unmatched with their location in the midst of frantic business activities that are the hallmark of Shanghai’s business scene. The interior décor of our serviced and virtual offices along with our meeting rooms are the best that we can offer.

Incomparable décor and services

We not only offer you the best location for your business alongside other established and well-known brands in the world of business, we also make available to you the most incomparable décor and range of services you won’t find anywhere else. The décor found in the confines of our office rooms bear witness to our attention to detail that thoroughly attracts your attention by its sheer beauty and elegance. The colours are subdued to reflect a specialized and professional workspace. The equipment, furnishings, amenities and internet connection are of world class standard.

Contact us

We guarantee that you’ll find just the right type of office you need for your business and all you have to do is simply ring us on 86 21 6157 5157for our free quote and we will take care of your needs.