It may not be the best diversion from the business norm elsewhere, but in the Orient, social concern is a big plus for any business including Jumpstart. This is the main reason why we go out of our way to forge relations with non-profit organizations on the island. And we don’t stop there but expand our sphere or connections to other social groups that need support in one way or another. Naturally at Jumpstart we put business and making profits at the helm but our experience especially in the Orient has made us realize that there are equally, if not more important things, besides profits.

The benefits arising from a socially trending approach

Tuning in and taking heed of traditionally accepted social norms is like winning a bingo with very little effort. The first most desirable positive result is that people will take notice of who you are but more importantly where you work and what company you work for. Taking an active part in selected social functions whatever they are will consolidate you position and the popularity of your brand. Non-profit organizations, orphanages, institutions giving shelter to the mentally ill constitute some of the favourite targets of every business that wants to do well in the Orient and especially in Hong Kong.

Your brand name will no longer tout itself

Participation in social events adds that extra clout to your business with the positive side effect that you won’t need to spend a fortune on advertising your company or companies, where they are and what they produce and trade in. The advertising will all be done by one of the most favourite arts of oriental peoples – by word of mouth. This form of advertising will reach even beyond the normal boundaries of modern communications. Do as we do and take part in the social life of Hong Kong especially for needy people and experience the magical results that follow.

Social gathering and festivities

Sponsoring organizations that come together at different times of the year is another great way of promoting your product and services. The arts are a favourite occupation of oriental people with never a dull moment during night times. The night life of Hong Kong is legendary and many gatherings for festivals and concerts make its streets and roads explode with noise and activity while its theatres resonate with a combined cacophony of sounds along its streets, its live theatres that can be heard from the beachfront some miles away.

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