Everyone can never fail to be fascinated by the small size of Hong Kong and the colossal amount of activity and enterprise that pulsate within its islandic stature. At Jumpstart, we are included among the many admirers of this business wonderland that simply throbs with commerce and business enterprise. It is one of the main gateways of people and goods in and out of Asia and promises to be so into the distant future. This is why we’ve made the dare and established our business centres on the island south of mainland China.

Location is of prime importance

The location of our business centres is crucial to our success and starting on the right foot, we started our move by looking and centrality and the likely confluence of people and goods. Centrality involves the placing of our business centres at the most accessible point within a particular area in terms of transport by private or public means, taxis and even buses though not the determining factor. Confluence involves placement at the point where the stream of goods and people tend to terminate or congregate. This is usually where maximum flow occur and our centres are there.

Locating your business is a simple task

One of the benefits that our clients enjoy is the fact that they do not have to plan, work out and decide on the best location for their business. The work has already been done by Jumpstart but if you want to satisfy yourself that the location of our business centres are exactly what we claim them to be, you can visit one of our centres in Hong Kong and see for yourself. If you do so you will find they are all located at prime sites where centrality and confluence are key in determining where they are located. Our business centres are located at the best sites in Hong Kong.

Our business centres are the best

We do not deny the fact that many large corporations decide to opt for our serviced offices, virtual offices and other amenities because they are located in the best part of town. They also choose our offices because they offer the ideal solution for their business success. There are many office space providers but we have been in the game longer and we are intimately familiar with all aspects of the business environment in Hong Kong, we’d be your best bet if you are really serious about being successful in Hong Kong.

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Our business centres are located exactly where you’ll find the elements that will boost your business to its limits and beyond. If you want to be in the race, ring us now on +852 2961 4888 for a free quote and let us provide you with an office space of your choice in one of our superb business centres.