In Hong Kong, space is precious and it’s not unusual to learn that the authorities, companies, landowners and even property owners are always concerned about the lack of space. Floor space has therefore become a scarce and very expensive commodity but nevertheless an asset that will always be in constant demand. At Jumpstart we are also aware of the importance of space and we meet the challenge by creating new office space from existing space and get the best value possible for the newly created space.

New office space from Neo Suite offices

We’ve always suspected all along that more space would be needed especially within our serviced office floor space. This is not surprising when business is increasing in pace and volume each year and other areas of operations are needed. Certainly the posting of a manager for our serviced offices has become a prerequisite and this entails extra space. Additionally, other support staff, depending on the type of business that’s operating, may be needed along with new equipment and amenities. Other sections of our serviced office space are custom built to meet current and future demand.

Available space is geared for top front desk performance

Apart from our new and extra Neo Suite floor space, the other sections of our floor space were custom built to meet the specific floor space need for each service. The front desk floor space was designed to accommodate the reception needs of customers with different needs that need attending to. Staff members attending the front desk are given needed floor space to cater for efficient service that customers need such as mail handling and the taking of telephone calls on their behalf and to receive incoming calls.

Ideal office space for meeting rooms

The meeting rooms offer customers some of the best equipped floor space within the walls or our business buildings. They are impeccably arrayed with conferencing equipment for as many as 14 people at any one time and sometimes more depending on the purpose of the meeting. We always provide needed flexibility to fully satisfy the needs of our clients even at the expense of using additional chairs from other rooms for use by additional attendees. The internet connection for the meeting rooms is impeccable with internet experts in attendance all the time.

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