Jumpstart is the proud owner of several business centres that are strategically placed in Shanghai to take advantage of the booming commercial life of a city reputed to be the richest in China and the most prosperous in the world. Business has been good to us and to those that have decided to establish their business here with our assistance. We have the resources, the experience and expertise to manage all our business centres efficiently. We have played the game for many years and are thoroughly familiar with the business environment in this great city.

The best and fairest in the city

Owning several business centres in a booming city is no easy feat to attain. It took us many years to get started but once the brakes were released, our performance skyrocketed to become an amazing duplicated development of the best and fairest business centres that now grace the land surface of China. The road has not been easy but we’ve held on with tenacity to become the leading business centre in Asia. We noticed how successful our first business centre had become and decided to build other centres to house elegant, fully equipped and fully furnished office spaces. We chose correctly.

Our business centres are the best

The best products can only come from a long period of practical experience and at Jumpstart we’ve gone through the full range of challenges, disappointments and successes. These are challenges and disappointments that can make or break individuals, companies, whole countries and even the world for that matter. We’ve accepted and faced these issues and in doing so successfully, we have been rewarded with immeasurable recompense from the degree of successes we’ve enjoyed over the years. Jumpstart now invites you to sample these same experiences but with its help.

A superb network of 10 business centres

With experience from the first successfully built business centre came the knowledge and appreciation of what is good, excellent and superb. We’ve gradually moved up the quality rung and have put in place a superb network of 10 business centres across the Shanghai skyline each one better than the first through time. This is the norm and can only be realized from the wealth of technology, designing techniques, furnishings, lighting and material types used in the construction industry that keep improving. Jumpstart progress through the trend as time passes.

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Our business centres can offer you the chance of a lifetime whether in renting our serviced offices and virtual offices or our meeting rooms. Ring us now +8621 6157 5157 for a free quote and experience our excellence gained over time.