Setting up a business involves more than just market study and lots of research. It also entails detailed planning and financial resources to help set up and sustain the business. For most newly established businesses, the greatest challenge and one of the very first things to consider is setting up an office.

Offices can make or break a business. Businesses spend thousands per month to secure a good prime location for their business ventures to prosper and have solid standing. This usually involves renting out a property for a minimum of a two or three years depending on the spot and the city. Aside from taking into consideration the monthly lease expense of renting out a property, business owners and managers also have to source out everything from office supplies to furniture when it comes to setting up a good office. This can be very tedious work and something that also requires lots of money. Setting up a good office is then one of the biggest challenges of newly established businesses which would go to greater lengths to prosper.

In solution to this problem, Jumpstart Business Centre is offering serviced offices that can be tailored to your needs and budget. The serviced office industry has had a regional market growth of 22 percent from 257 open centers offering serviced offices in 2011 to 313 open centers in 2012. Serviced offices have become quite a popular and practical choice for businesses as they offer everything a business needs from efficient workspace to front desk complete with staff. All technicalities such as broadband internet and WiFi connections are also taken care of by Jumpstart Business Centre.

With prime locations in Shanghai – Asia’s largest market share when it comes to the serviced office business industry, Jumpstart Business Centre is one of the largest providers of serviced offices, virtual offices, meeting rooms and business registration services in Asia. China has proven to be the most popular and holds the largest market share among Asian countries with over 136 open centers in 12 different cities including Shanghai.

Jumpstart Business Centre is located in prestigious establishments such as the Wheelock Square, Central Plaza and L’Avenue. Their serviced offices in L’Avenue have recently bagged the Best Office Interior in China award during the International Property Awards held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia last May 2013. Their excellent service and top of the line quality in providing serviced offices is also available in other locations such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei and Seoul.