There may by a considerable drawback in too much repetition for many things, but when the repetition is made to showcase world class facilities, immaculate serviced offices, professionally tended virtual offices, business meeting rooms and easily processed business registrations, then the repetition becomes a pleasure for those on the receiving end.

World class facilities

This is the hallmark of all the Jumpstart business centres. They practically bristle with world class facilities; the latest in technological know-how, the very crux of Jumpstart’s success; unmatched professionals manning the reception area using the latest communication equipment and gadgets. Visitors who look for private meeting place with business colleagues or friends to discuss important matters can turn to the fully furnished meeting rooms provided at all the business centres whether in the serviced offices or virtual office departments. Jumpstart offers the best in communication and office accommodation and services for its clients.

Immaculate serviced offices

The serviced offices offered by Jumpstart are unequalled anywhere. You only have to visit one of Jumpstart’s business centres in Hong Kong to get first-hand knowledge of what is in the offing. The Wheelock House is a good place to start. This magnificently configured office floor space is something to behold. The long desk at the front made of polished concrete accommodating 3 receptionists, sitting against a background of white concrete lit up with rays of light. Further back, a series of immaculately partitioned rooms to cater for specific purposes all fully furnished and ready for an instant meeting. Everything is perfectly placed with lights everywhere to illuminate the fact. A truly beautiful sight to behold.

Professionally tended virtual offices

Staff provided by Jumpstart to man its Hong Kong virtual offices, are all professional workers. They are truly courteous, friendly and display the etiquette required of professionals in their trade of work. They are especially trained in the task of coordinating the answering of phone calls and the collection, despatch, storage and even scanning of letters for onward transmission of their contents. One special feature is the addition of more spacious Neo Suites for stimulating greater output.

Business meeting rooms

The Hong Kong business centres also provide for special needs such as the provision of special meeting rooms where private meetings can be held at short notice given by clients. The rooms are spacious enough to comfortably cater for a group of people for a meeting.

Easily processed registrations

This is a well-organized process put together by Jumpstart to assist clients who wish to become registered as a company. The process is fast, efficient and dependable with the ability of starting off a company in no time.

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