If you are anywhere in Shanghai this festive season, please do make it a point to visit our three business centres in the city. You will find that your visit is well worth your while. Similar to our business centres elsewhere in the Orient those in Shanghai also offer impeccable services within exquisitely designed walls and excellent furnishings as well as world class conferencing equipment. No other company can offer you so much for so little and it is all yours for the taking if you only make a dare now and make the plunge.

Business centres within the business hub

Our business centres are labelled as centres because they are indeed at the very centre of everything, both within the buildings themselves and within the general business environment of Shanghai. The city of Shanghai is the largest business hub of all of China with an excellent port and transportation system in and out of the city to the surrounding and outlying countryside. Jumpstart’s business centres are strategically located within the city and are therefore at the very heart of pulsating business environment.

Business centres that house so much excellence

Business centres can be truly called centres if it does in fact accommodate exemplary tokens of the business world within their walls and our business centres in Shanghai do just that. They are the outer casing of an array of truly magnificent offices, both serviced and virtual. They also house the exceptionally well designed and versatile meeting rooms and other services that customers need. The serviced offices are undeniably the best that can be provided anywhere while the virtual offices are unmatched in their affordability and efficiency and they are all open for inspection and all you need to do is to contact us

Versatility is our hallmark

A truly veteran company that excels at its trade must have versatility as its pivotal point and we believe that Jumpstart possesses that quality. Its serviced offices are by far the best in the industry with truly top class designing, furnishing and communication systems, all essential features to qualify for being versatile. Its virtual offices are similarly endowed but with the added benefit of not being to cumbersome and very flexible for the customer. The meeting rooms also cater for special groups that favour excellent conferencing equipment, refreshments and comfort.

Contact us

We can provide you with a conducted tour of any one of our business centres, knowing that seeing one will be similar to seeing all the rest. Ring us now on +8621 6157 5157 for our free quote and see how quickly we can help you make a decision on the next step you should take.