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Jumpstart is one of the most popular and trusted virtual office provider in Hong Kong, served almost 40,000 persons in our 12-year history. Our main advantages are:

    • 30-day money back gaurantee
    • 7 locations to choose from
    • Online signup and payments by credit cards
    • 9am-7pm extended office hours
    • Customizable package
Clients should consider 3 main factors when choosing the location of their virtual office service.

      • Business Nature: Some industries are more concentrated in some districts. For example, finance-related and professional services companies are usually in Central, retail and trading in Mongkok and Tsim Sha Tsui, IT in Causeway Bay, manufacturing and engineering in Kwun Tong.
      • Convenience: If you will be picking up your mails or will be using our meeting rooms frequently, then you may want to choose a virtual office location most convenient to you.
      • Price: All of our virtual office locations are value for money, they are designed as a low-cost alternative to physical offices. However, the prices are different from location to location, so explore all our location and find the one most comfortable to you.
Within 30 days of your application, you are entitled to a full refund of your paid virtual office fee. This includes even if your service has commenced. We do this because we are confident about our service and in some rare cases if someone has a sudden change in their business plans, then it won’t matter. There is no extra charge if you upgrade your service, however, if you need to downgrade your service, the amount remaining from your full payment will be used to pay the service fee in the new package. In order words, after the first 30 days, all paid fee are non-refundable.
During our office hours, your account will be ready within 1 hour or less. If you signed up online or sent your application form to us, your account will be ready in the first business day. We will send you an email confirmation with all the information you will need to do business.

About Address and Mails

Yes. All of our virtual office locations are in commercial buildings eligible for business registration or as registered address.
Absolutely yes. It is what it is for. You can also use it on your website, advertisements, product packaging and so on.
Yes. We receive any letters and parcels except if the volume exceeds 15 cubic feet. However, for items exceeding 3.5 cubic feet, we will keep for free for 1 working day and there will be a charge of HK$20/day thereafter. For items exceeding 1 cubic feet, we will keep for free for 1 working day and there will be a charge of HK$10/day thereafter.
Absolutely not. Jumpstart knows there is little control over how many mails you receive so we don’t put a limit on it unlike some other business centres in Hong Kong.
Yes, but we will need a confirmation from you for each piece. There is no charge unless we need to pay for the disposal.

About Calls and Faxes

In the Communications and Complete Package, you will be given a local number dedicated to your account. When someone calls this number, we will answer the call with the greeting you want. Most client use their company name as their greeting but you can customize in many ways – you can add Good Morning/Good Afternoon, you can add “how can I help you”at the end, you can have us answer in English, Cantonese or Mandarin. So whatever your company do, our virtual office call answering service can surely satisfy your need.
During office hours, after taking the call on your behalf, we will put the caller to hold while we try to reach you on the number you put on your call instruction. We will report to you who is calling and ask if you would like to take the call. The caller will hear music played by our phone system and will not hear the conversation between you and Jumpstart. If you decided to take the call, we will then merge you and the caller to begin your conversation. Call Transfer does not come with every virtual office package plan. If you do have call transfer service, you are entitled to transfer calls to any Hong Kong local number. It is possible to transfer to an overseas number (IDD), but there will be a compulsory security deposit required, a one-time setup fee of HK100 and the charge of the actual IDD usage. Learn more about IDD call transfer here.
Absolutely not. Jumpstart understands you cannot control how many people call you so we don’t put a limit and charge you for additional calls like other business centres do.
The voicemail feature in the Complete Package has 2 functions. 1, during after office hours, it records the voicemail and send it to your email in .wav format. We call it voicemail-to-email. 2, if you enable this feature, the caller will be given a option to reach your mobile by press of a key, so even when it is after our office hours, people can still reach you.
Our fax-to-email service has 2 parts. First, it includes a private local number as your fax number. Second, when we receive a fax, it automatically sends an email to you with the fax in PDf format. This service runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
No. You can change your greeting or instructions on how we report your messages to you without any charges. In fact, you can add or remove any contact persons in your company without charges as long as there are not more than 4 contact persons.
Call forwarding is a service where all incoming calls to your virtual office phone number is being forwarded to another number without any of our customer service representative to answer it. Call forwarding can be setup for 7×24 or after office hours only. Call forwarding can be setup for both local and overseas number. Call forwarding to overseas number (IDD) requires an extra safety deposit, a one-time setup fee and monthly billing on IDD usage. For detail IDD prices and rate, click here.

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