Now it is possible to take your calls even when you are overseas. Better yet, there is no extra monthly service fee other than a compulsory safety deposit*, a one-time HK$100 setup fee and the actual usage IDD charge.

* For most countries, we require a minimum safety deposit of HK$800. When we estimate your usage is over your deposit amount, IDD service will be suspended. IDD usage is billed monthly.

You have 3 options to take your calls away from Hong Kong:

Call Transfer

Similar to our standard call transfer procedures, our staff will take the call with your pre-set greeting then transfer the call to your overseas number.#

Call Forward (non-office hours)

The system automatically forward all incoming calls to your overseas number during non-office hours. Different to call transfer, call forwarding can only forward to one overseas number.#

Call Forward (24-hr)

All of your incoming calls will be forwarded to your overseas number without any of our staff taking your call 24 hours a day including weekends and public holidays. Different to call transfer, call forwarding can only forward to one overseas number.#

#: IDD charges applies from the time the call is connected.

Below is the current IDD rate for virtual office call transfer and call forwarding:

Country Landline (HK$/minute) Mobile (HK$/minute)
Australia 0.8 3.3
Canada 0.7 0.7
China 0.6 0.6
Denamrk 1.8 3.5
France 1 2.5
Germany 1.0 3.3
India 5.6 5.6
Indonesia 3.8 3.8
Italy 1.2 3.3
Japan 1 2.5
Macau 2.3 2.3
Malaysia 1.2 3.3
Netherlands 1.5 3.5
New Zealand 1.6 3.5
Pakistan 7 7
Philippines 3 3
Singapore 0.8 0.8
South Korea 1.0 3.3
Spain 2.1 3.5
Sweden 1.7 3.5
Taiwan 0.9 3.3
Thailand 3.3 3.3
United Arab Emirates 6 6
United Kingdom 0.9 3.3
United States 0.7 0.7
Vietnam 7.5 7.5

Please contact us for special quote for country not listed above.

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