There are many reasons why a city becomes noted for a particular achievement and Hong Kong has excelled itself in the realm of business. It has become one of the largest business cities in Asia. Its oriental setting is unique; its culture totally enticing that beckons millions to its alluring landscape. Its environment, attuned to many centuries of business involvement, is ideal for boosting business status and holding corporate meetings. It is perfect as a venue for a meeting away-from-home stint. Its transportation network is impeccable; its population is cosmopolitan; its business etiquette is unequalled anywhere in the world.

World class provider

In the midst of all these business happenings we find the tireless, dynamic and innovative efforts of JUMPSTART, a company totally committed to the provision of world class office space on some of the busiest and prime land sections of Hong Kong. Jumpstart offers the perfect solution for companies, that desire a jumpstart to their stagnating or ailing businesses or adding boost to a thriving one. It does so by offering them custom built offices of impeccable standards. It has proven its acumen in this business sector and has repeatedly been acclaimed as one of the best providers of custom built office accommodation to clients worldwide. But it hasn’t ended there. Jumpstart is now getting used to the idea of being touted as a world class provider of impeccable and fully-equipped office accommodation also for clients worldwide. The future is indeed bright for Jumpstart.

What’s so special about Jumpstart?

For starters, Jumpstart not a talker but a doer and in does things in style and with purpose. Its style is perfection and its purpose is to offer clients the tools for kick-starting their own businesses. If a company is on a downslide, Jumpstart’s panacea is a perfectly tailored serviced office or virtual office that can inject a rejuvenating jolt to its operations. Provided the company itself is committed, the same surroundings and facilities will sustain the company’s growth and elevate its performance to greater heights. That’s what’s so special about Jumpstart!

Jumpstart’s business centres

The company owns and manages business centres distributed over Hong Kong as listed below:
• Wheelock House, Central: An impressive and conveniently located commercial building. It is exceedingly accessible via its 3 MTR exits and provides a highly comfortable working area for boosting productivity.
• Silvercord Tower 2, Tsim Sha Tsui: The business centre is built upon prime land overlooking lush green surroundings. It stands in the very centre of a very busy commercial area surrounded by an array of outlets that tout luxury brands and other flagship store brands.
• Times Square, Causeway Bay: This business centre finds itself in the midst of Hong Kong’s top shopping malls, all systematically and conveniently distributed inside the protective surrounds of a lofty tower.
• Langham Place, Mongkok: Jumpstart’s business centre is located inside this posh commercial building which boasts 600,000 sq. feet of the ultimate in shopping, eating and entertainment experience. It is located in the very heart of Mongkok and has been acclaimed as one of the best centres in Hong Kong.
• Crawford House and Yen Sheng Centre: This new complex is conveniently located on Queen’s Road Central, and houses Jumpstart’s business centre. It was here that the first H&M store operated and acts as its flagship in Asia. Building management is strictly observed here, promoting top quality offices. Jumpstart offers virtual office accommodation in the complex that provides courteous and professional service.

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